About the project

Why do this?

I have been frustrated about the inconsistencies I see between different versions of scorecards on different sites for a long time, however, despite contacting the ICC about the issue as far back as 2013, I’ve seen no improvement in the area. I’ve decided that, while it’s unlikely that I can make any difference in this area, my best chance is to provide increased visibility of the issue; hence this project.

What sites are compared?

Currently I retrieve scorecards from ESPNcricinfo, CricketArchive, Big Bash, the ECB (for England and T20 Blast matches), the IPL, Cricingif (the official Pakistan Super League source), and the ICC, where relevant for each match. For example, I don’t use the ICC for Big Bash Pakistan Super League, IPL, or T20 Blast matches.

What checks are done?

I perform a variety of checks on each match, such as checking that the result is the same on all scorecards, that the same number of innings are listed, and that batter and bowler details match. The full details on all of the various checks I perform can be found on the Checks performed page.

What is not checked?

Right now the main aspect of scorecards that I don’t check is the names of the people involved. For example while I check the runs scored and balls faced (among other things) by a batter in a particular position in an innings I don’t check that the different entries are for the same person. I’m planning to add support for this later, however it’s not the simplest problem to solve and I’ve decided that it’s better to find the other existing issues in scorecards rather than waiting for implement that check.

I also don’t check the method of dismissal for batters who are out.

Who is behind this?

My name is Stephen Rushe. I live in Belfast, have an interest in cricket statistics, and write software for a living. I run Cricsheet, a project to provide freely-available structured ball-by-ball data for international and T20 club matches.

How can you contact me?

The easiest way is to send an email to feedback@thesanctityofwickets.com, and wait for me to get back to you. If there is interest I may setup a mailing list to allow discussion of the project.